Finally a CE for freelancers

It is time for freelancers, micro-entrepreneurs, intermittent workers in the entertainment industry to also have access to CE benefits without being employed in a large group.
Increase your purchasing power simply
Take advantage of preferential rates with more than 500 partners up to -80%, unlimited and 100% dematerialized. Receive your great deals instantly for even more fun.
Gift cards
Take advantage of ever more discounts
Do you want to please yourself? Take advantage of discounted gift cards that can be used online or in stores. A shopping spree? All you have to do is scan the PDF gift card at checkout and voila.
Ticket office
Never miss an event thanks to the ticket office
Take advantage of discounts on a catalog of +170,000 events per year. Concerts, shows, festivals, all over France. In total autonomy, you can pay and receive your e-ticket immediately in your mailbox.
Take advantage of more than 10,000 tips throughout the year!
Furnish your apartment, go shopping, take a trip at a reduced price.
Uggy negotiates for you!
30 min
The formula
€ 4.90
per month
Finally, benefit from advantages that make you really happy.
A simple offer, paid for in a cinema seat!
Whether you are independent, liberal profession, intermittent spectacle, micro-entrepreneur, access Uggy offers instantly and increase your purchasing power.
  • Without engagement
  • Unlimited access
  • Quick registration!
🧞‍♂️ Your desires are orders… So express them!
A service that you love is not yet offered on Uggy?
Communicate it to us, and our team will be happy to negotiate the best offer for you!
5 service served on a platter
They loved Uggy, and let us know!
William B.
We thought that CSE were reserved for big companies, the team is delighted with the service and so are we!
Bruno V.
Web Developer
Sofiane D.
Office Manager
Arthur B.
I can choose my benefits thanks to the subsidies and the discounts are very interesting.
Paul M.
Uggy's team is very reactive, the support on new SSC topics has been a great help. Thank you very much!
Hélène K.
Artistic Director
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